Choose and drag module from the left. Place on floor or wall to create your own unique
Stacked setup.

Use the save function, when you’re happy with the result.

When mounted on a wall, Stacked can be configured in any way you’d like. If placing Stacked as free-standing, i.e. with no wall mount, please follow our stabilization guidelines.

Click the arrows below to browse through the guidelines or exit this window and get going now!

Placing the stacked modules

  • You should place one Clip on the front of the module and one Clip on the back.
  • Furthermore, a Stacked Clip placed on the backside of the Stacked Module w/ Door must always be placed on the bottom back panel.
  • When building a Stacked Storage System on a Stacked Podium, the system must be
    connected to the Stacked Podium using Clips.

Placing the Stacked Modules

The Clips must connect the modules in the system from left to right to ensure the overall
stability of the system.

Placing the Stacked Modules

Any Stacked Module must be supported by at least half of the width of any Stacked
Module or Stacked Podium underneath it.

Placing the Stacked Modules

Never place two or more Stacked Modules on top of each other without full width
support underneath.

Maximum height and weight load

  • You must only build 6 modules on top of one another. Do not build any systems taller than 285 cm / 112.25".
  • A Stacked Podium is tested to withstand a maximum weight of 300 kg / 660 lbs.
  • A Stacked Module is tested to hold up to 25 kg / 55 lbs.
  • A wall mounted Stacked Module is tested to hold up to 12 kg / 26.5 lbs.
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